Stephan Zandt

*1985 in Weimar, Germany, studied European cultural anthropology, cultural and social anthropology and comparative religious studies in Marburg, and cultural studies in Berlin. He is assistant professor at the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as part of the collaborative research center »Transformationen der Antike«. His main research areas are Human-Animal Studies, the cultural history of ethology, the history of (culinary) anthropology and the history of the transformation of the nature-culture divide. He is co-publisher of the anthology »Tiere Bilder Ökonomien. Aktuelle Forschungsfragen der Human-Animal Studies« (»Animals Images Economies. Current debates in Human-Animal Studies« ) (transcript 2013) and author of the included article »›Experimental Life‹ – Tier-Ökonomien im Alltag und in der Ethologie der Moderne«. (»›Experimental Life‹ – Animal economies in everyday life and in modern ethology«.)


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