Uli Westphal


Supernatural: Lidl (2010)
Supernatural: Aldi (2010)
Supernatural: Netto (2010)
Supernatural: Albertsons (2014) 

wood, aluminum, acrylic glass, fluorescent lights, pigment ink on translucent foil / 45 cm x 123 cm x 15 cm

The industrialization of agriculture and the globalization of the food market has led to a general detachment of society from the processes of food production. The supermarket remains for many one of the only remaining intersections with the world of agriculture. The Supernatural Series consists of four light-boxes that are made entirely from the depictions of plants, animals and landscapes found on food packaging of the largest German food discounters Netto, Lidl and Aldi, as well as the North American supermarket chain Albertsons.
By utilizing the same methods as in standard packaging design, the individual landscape elements such as animals and plants are isolated, multiplied, mirrored and rearranged into endless, ever repeating, utopian sceneries. The resulting imagery stands in harsh contrast to the actual makeup and workings of our industrialized food system.