4. Biographies

05. – 21. 09. 2014

Hörner / Antlfinger
Lucy Powell
Uli Westphal
Stephan Zandt & Anne Hölck


How do animals create history?
The exhibition revolved around the possibilities of animal biographic writing. Which signs of life do animals leave behind, which media can record individual capabilities of wild, domesticated or liminal animals? The artistic works span a range of topics from encounters with animals in historical texts in the audioguide by Uli Westphal, physical findings that create the art objects of Lucy Powell, contrasted domestic and livestock homes of animals in the Video of Hörner/Antlfinger, who also rise up the questions of co-authorship with animals in their photo series. The Open Archive Clever Hans provided an insight into text and image sources of the cultural scientist Stephan Zandt whose historical research focusses on agency of animals.