we , animals

Artistic positions relevant to the current debate on human-animal relations


The concept for the project and exhibition series »we , animals« is based on a view
of human-animal relations as defined in Human-Animal Studies. They are viewed as
having developed over the course of history, being in a constant state of flux and
which, in our dealings with animals, are continuously being produced and reproduced
anew. Addressing the agency of animals in societal spaces leads to one of the core
issues: how can we perceive animals as independent actors within historical, social
and cultural processes?
For the five projects I invited 10 artists whose works reflect upon our language and
actions concerning animals on a daily basis. They throw light on specific interactions,
human misconceptions and contradictions in relation to animals. They challenge the
rigid categories that are applied to animals as working animals, livestock, mythical
figures, pets or beasts. Their scientific references and performative or activist
approaches helped shape the curatorial concept. This publication, enriched by
the essays »Deconstructing the Anthropological Machine« by Jessica Ullrich and
»Animal Biographies« by Stephan Zandt, documents selected artistic contributions
to the current debate on human-animal relations.


Anne Hölck, Dezember 2014




we , animals 1-5 was funded by


2014 @ MEINBLAU Projektraum Berlin


we , animals 6 – transference and 8 – multispecies narrations was a cooperation with

Prof. Hörner/Antlfinger, Transmedialer Raum, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln


2015 /2019 @ MEINBLAU Projektraum Berlin