NEOZOON, founded in 2009, is an anonymous collective of female artists based in Berlin and Paris. Human-animal relations are at the center of their artistic work. The group became known for their street art in public spaces in which, amongst others, worn out fur coats appeared as the silhouettes of animals on house walls. Their cinematic work deals with contradictions in our daily contact with animals in language and practise; and with the medialization of these practises. Their films were recently shown at the Transmediale HKW, Berlin (2012), at the exhibition »global aCtIVISm«, Karlsruhe (2013), and in the Musée Natinal d Histoire Naturelle Paris, at the VAEFF, New York, and Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest (2014). In 2015 Neozoon is invited to the IFFR, Rotterdam, and the Videonale.15 at Kunstmuseum Bonn.


5. Scenarios

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